2020 - 2023:Shaping new models for jazz to come​

Music industry constitutes an important driving force of the European culture. Over the last few decades, it has changed significantly, being now at a point of rethinking itself. Especially now, it is facing challenges that are putting its future at risk. The ongoing crisis has unearthed the already existing problems of our sector that need to be addressed systematically and holistically.

Footprints is a new collaborative project that aims at reforming the music sector and introducing the values of social, economic and environmental responsibility to its activities. Created on the initiative of the Periscope from Lyon and Wytwórnia Foundation from Lodz, Footprints is a direct continuation of Jazz Connective project which has been implemented by 6 European countries within years 2018 – 2020.

Footprints will introduce a series of activities aiming at helping all the actors of the music sector to move around the European music market and at consolidating the European creative music community around the values we currently need more than ever.

Together with 4 experienced European partners Bimhuis from Amsterdam, Druga Godba from Ljubljana, Music Austria from Vienna and Oslo Jazz Festival, the project plans to provide education, training and mentoring programmes for artists, agents and promoters.


2021 : Call for agents

Who ? Students or graduates of specialized academies, but also people working in the cultural field. From Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, France exclusively.
What ? Teaching, supporting and mentoring programme for creative and responsible artistic circulation in Europe
When ? 12 – 18 April 2021 (Lyon) / 16-22 July, 2021 (Lodz) / 2021-2022

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Selection of 12 artists and 12 agents from Europe over 4 years

Creation of mentorship groups of artist, agents and project partners working together on European touring programmes

International circulation

Organization and creation of European tours for artists and agents supported by European mentors


Publishing & promoting results of research, case studies and analysis towards a more responsible music industry.

Teaching, supporting

Intl Jazz Platform: Professional and artistic educational scheme for 12 selected artists in Lodz (PL)

Les Ateliers Footprints: Professional educational scheme for 12 selected agents at Périscope (FR)


Creation of an expert team ensuring the introduction of social, economic and environmental responsibility into the music industry all along the duration of the project, based on partnership with all regional networks


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