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Footprints is addressed to young and motivated artists willing to develop their artistic and entrepreneurial skills as well as develop their touring and networking capacity. They will be working with agents trained within the project and put in touch with FT partners and experts in order to benefit from their experience and specific knowledge. Participants can be students or graduates of specialized academies having individual musical aspirations and interested in modern approach to music. They should have an awareness and a need to expand their careers internationally, learn European music scenes and be willing to cooperate with their peers and experts from European countries. 

Participants must be at least 18 years old and fluent in English

Participants must live in one of these countries:  Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, France

Programme overview

50 participants will be selected to take part in the Intl Jazz Platform summer workshop in Lodz, out of which 6 participants will be selected to take part in the FT international tours and mentoring programme.

Dates of the summer training programme: International Jazz Platform (July 17 – 22, Lodz, Poland).

6 selected artists (and their bands. Other band members can, but don’t have to participate in Intl Jazz Platform summer training programme) will be paired with FP agents and will be mentored by Footprints partners in order to organize a concert tour in Europe.

All the elements of the programme aim at introducing new skills and providing a better comprehension of social, ecological and economic features that are at stake in the future for the music industry.

Download full application information for 2021 

→ 2021 application call 
→ End of call mid-end of April 2021 
→ Selection – end of May 2021
→ Next application Feb 2022