Program /
Footprints :
2020 - 2024

Footprints is a 4-year programme to support young European artists and agents in order to improve the skills and know-how of new professionals in the music sector. Focusing on the social, ecological and economic aspects of artistic careers, Footprints aims at facilitating the circulation of artists in Europe.

Footprints will provide two successive training and touring programmes (2021 – 2022 / 2022 – 2023) for artists and agents who will be working together on building the concert tours in Europe with the support and mentorship of FT partners. More generally, each step and each contribution to Footprints will help to develop global ressources to the music sector in order to shape news models in artistic circulation. These resources will be shared and broadcasted among European artistic networks.



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Deadline 14/02/22


Selection of 12 artists and 12 agents from Europe. Creation of mentorship groups of artist, agents and project partners working together on European touring programmes.

International circulation

Organization and creation of European tours for artists and agents supported by European mentors.


Publishing & promoting results of research, case studies and analysis towards a more responsible music industry.


Intl Jazz Platform
Professional and artistic educational scheme for 12 selected artists in Lodz (PL).

Périscope / Lobster
Professional educational scheme for 12 selected agents at Périscope (FR).

Certification : sustainable music across europe

Creation of an expert team ensuring the introduction of social, economic and environmental responsibility into the music industry all along the duration of the project, based on partnership with all regional networks.